AgriGeer is a company specializing in the sale, adaptation, maintenance, and marketing of agricultural equipment and spare parts. It is located in Geer, in the heart of Hesbaye, a region of Wallonia that is essential to the agricultural sector, known for its many fertile lands.

The AgriGeer project is led by a team of four entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the agricultural machinery sector. The main strength of this team lies in the complementarity of their profiles. Dynamic, motivated, independent, and placing great importance on teamwork, the four entrepreneurs fully assume the AgriGeer project. Aware of the significant challenge that this project represents, they rely on their vast network of experienced and knowledgeable contacts to guide, advise, and support them in their choices and decisions related to this project.

With proven experience in the field, the project stakeholders were encouraged to opt for an organization in four distinct departments, functioning in perfect cohesion. A person has been appointed responsible for each department, in order to hold each one accountable, thus ensuring the engagement, accountability, and productivity of the team.